The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is the sister organization to the Residence Hall Association. Similar to the National Honor Society in high schools, NRHH is an honor society that represents the top 1% of leaders at Rutgers University. Their two pillars are Service (giving back to the Rutgers Community and other Communities in general) and Recognition (Recognizing leaders on campus)

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Of the Month Awards (OTMs) are monthly recognition awards that people submit on behalf of other members of the university. Award categories include First-Year Student OTM, Advisor OTM, Resident Assistant OTM and much more! OTMs can win on three levels, Campus-wide, Regionally, and Nationally. Winning an OTM is a great honor and can really make someone’s day! OTMS are due the 30th of every month so make sure that you submit them beforehand! Also, make sure that you are writing quality OTMs, don’t just write one or two sentences, write a whole paragraph or two about your nominee (this increases their chance of winning!) and also because they can read your OTMs afterwards and you want them to feel good about themselves!

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