General Membership

All Rutgers University-New Brunswick undergraduate on-campus residents are general body members. They are permitted to attend general Hall/Apartment/Suite Council and General Assembly meetings, as well as and participate in committee work, but do not have voting privileges.

Hall Government Executive Board Membership

Executive Board members are elected into their positions. These positions include:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. Advocacy Liaison
  6. Public Relations
  7. Event Coordinator

Furthermore, Hall governments are encouraged to create any necessary position outside of the seven executive board positions. However, all hall governments should fill the executive board positions prior to allowing members to create ad-hoc positions. All of the E-Board members are expected to have weekly meetings.

Position Descriptions

President: The president attends the GA meeting every Monday with the exception of the fourth Monday of the month when presidents attend Campus Council (CC). Presidents must bring at least one other member to both GA and CC once a month. The president has a weekly one-on-one with the advisor of the hall government.

Vice President: The vice president attends the Residential Council meetings on Wednesdays of each week. Times and locations are specific to each campus.

Treasurer: The treasurer must gain a working knowledge of SABO in order to balance the hall government’s budget.

Secretary: The secretary is responsible for taking meeting minutes at each general and/or e-board meeting, and then sending these out to everyone in the hall government.

Advocacy Liaison: The advocacy liaison relates residents’ concerns to the Director of Advocacy as well as to their respective hall governments. The advocacy liaison comes up with advocacy initiatives to better the living experience of the residents.

Public Relations: The public relations chair is in charge of outreach and marketing.

Event Coordinator: The event coordinator must gain experience in programming for the hall government and is encouraged to collaborate with other hall governments for events. (There is typically one event per month).

For further inquiries regarding positions and involvement please contact any of the executive board members. Or you may refer to the constitution found here.