LIVI Meeting Minutes

January 30th, 2016

Livingston Campus Council Minutes

  1. What did you do during the winter break & expectations for the semester (15 mins)
  2. Eboard Updates (25 min)
    1. President
      1. Hall Mentorship Program
        1. Please get in contact with your hall mentor if your hall government has not already done so. Halls and assigned mentors listed below.
        2. Transition Reports
        3. Please start writing your positional transition report. You and your E-board will be collectively writing a hall government transition report as well.
        4. Here is the template. It is not required for you to use the template as it simply serves as a model and guide.
    2. Vice President
      1. Contact Sheet
        1. Some hall governments underwent changes in their E-board positions. The hard date was Friday, January 27th and most halls did not submitted an updated contact sheet. Please do it ASAP.
        2. Title the google sheet: Quad _Spring 2017
          Here is the template.
      2. RHA Master List
        1. We need to perform grade and student conduct checks. Please fill out the Google Form ASAP.
    3. Director of Advocacy
      1. There will be a washer and dryer survey that will be sent out within the next week.
    4. Director of Finance
      1. Care Packages
        1. The following halls still have to submit their slips: Livingston Apts, Quad 2. Send to or through Slack @financedirector.
        2. Valentine’s Day care packages are coming this Thursday, February 2nd. Please contact your advisor for more information.
          1. If you want to be eligible for the raffle, you MUST submit the care packages slip to or @financedirector on Slack by 6PM Monday, February 13th. Raffle winners will be picked then.
        3. There will be a new process using the Residence Life Office and Hall Directors, please contact advisors for more information on the implementation.
        4. Spend all of your money for the hall!
    5. Director of Leadership Development
      1. SLDD
        1. If you haven’t already, please RSVP for Spring LDD which will be on Saturday, February 4th at Douglass Student Center.
        2. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Parker at
        3. Read the messages in Slack
    6. Director of Technology
      1. Promote wearing red to support heart disease awareness.
      2. January 30th – February 3rd
      3. Wear Red this Friday, February 3rd
      4. Darwin will send out an email about getting him pictures of our halls and some pros and cons for each halls.
    7. Director of University Relations
      1. Nominate people for #Memberoftheweek via
      2. NRHH Membership
        1. Application closes on Monday, February 13th @ 11:59PM
        2. Membership Form and Reference Form
        3. Should you have any questions regarding the application or NRHH please email
      3. Student Affairs Master Plan Survey
        2. Please take this survey
    8. National Communications Coordinator


  1. Hall Updates (20min)
    1. Livi Apt:
      1. Public Relations Chair Filled
      2. Have Not Decided Meeting Time
        1. Will be Thursday
    2. Towers:
      1. Blood Drive Jan 31 4-10pm South Tower Basement
      2. Sunday Feb 4, Super Bowl Party
    3. Quad 1:
      1. Hall Advocacy Points Accomplished
      2. Looking to create a Mural
      3. Held a Program during finals week
    4. Quad 2:
      1. No Meeting Time Yet
    5. Quad 3:
      1. Valentine’s Day Event
        1. Speed Friending/Dating
      2. E-Board Mural Contest
      3. Working on getting No More to their Events
  2. Hall mentorship on Livi ( 5min)
    1. Drasti: Livi Apt& Quad 3
    2. Ashley: Quad 1&2
    3. Sneha: Towers
  3. Hall Advocacy (10 min)
    1. Problems, issues in your hall  
  4. Write OTM
    2. For anyone you want to recognize
  1.    RU Questions (5 min)