Every Tuesday following General Assembly, the minutes from that meeting will be uploaded so that you can have access when ever you want. Check back near the start of the Fall Semester for minutes after our First General Assembly meeting.

Minutes for each Residence Council will also be posted here.

General Assembly

October 31, 2016

General Assembly Agenda

  1. Food + Name Game (15 minutes)
  2. Care Packages (10 minutes)
  3. IT Positions (5-10 minutes)
    1. Timeline
  4. Announcements: (5-10 minutes)
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Director of Finance
    4. Director of Advocacy
      1. Safety Walk -Wednesday 2nd 7pm-9pm
        1. Team Captains(Presidents, Vice Presidents, Advocacy Liaisons)-6pm-9pm.
      2. Dining Council-Friday November 4th 1 pm Brower Commons Conference Room
        1. Email me if interested
    5. Director of Technology
    6. Director of Leadership Development
    7. Director of University Relations
      1. RUSA Town Hall with President Barchi This Thursday 7:30 SAC
      2. Stand up for others Rally 7:30 Douglass Campus Center
    8. National Communications Coordinator
      1. CAACURH
    9. Director of Busch
    10. Associate Director of College Avenue
      1. Successful program last Thursday
      2. No meeting this week
    11. Director of Cook/Douglas
      1. Successful Terror Maze and Monster Mash
    12. Director of Livingston
  5. Member of the Week
  6. Cougar Compliments
  7. Activities:
    1. “Baby I love you”
  8. Committees (60 minutes)
    1. Leadership Development Minutes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j2eVas5g2OPThUX4vAh4mwctOuZTDN2cNMg1ppibYgw/edit?usp=sharing

October 17, 2016

General Assembly Agenda

  1. Scream Theater (15 minutes)
  1. VPVA – Title IX Office
  1. Court case without legal component, i.e., no lawyers involved
    1. If found guilty, the Title IX Office cannot expel the perpetrator.
  2. Confidential resources at Rutgers
    1. VPVA
      1. There is a full-time staff that does counseling similar to that at CAPS but VPVA advocates do not provide counseling.
    2. CAPS (if student has imposed self-harm or if a minor is involved)
  1. Contraceptives are available at health centers for ~ $25
  2. If the student feels unsafe, housing and course schedule rearrangements are possible.
  3. If you do call RUPD, they are still required to call VPVA for an advocate.
  4. If the perpetrator is still a Rutgers student, it is never too late to contact the Title IX Office.
  1. Attendance
  2. Amendment (10 minutes)
  1. Amendment to remove oversight of social media from Director of Technology
  2. Presentation of Amendment
  1. Main Purpose: Transfer the responsibility of social media from the Director Technology to Director of University Relations.
  1. Q&A
  1. This amendment is part of the RHA Constitution that applies to all hall government.
  2. Both directors coordinate and collaborate: Director of Technology creates, whereas Director of University Relations markets on social media.
  3. Possible amendment to Clause #3
    1. Strike out distribute to “public”
  1. Discussion
  1. Clause #3 is up for interpretation
  2. Director of Technology creates the flyer logistics but does not advertise the promotional material.
  1. Open Ballot
  1. All of GA was “for” with 2 abstainers.
  2. Conclusion: Amendment passed.
  1. Care Packages (15 minutes)
  1. Delivered last Thursday, October 13th
  2. Presentation on Care Packages
  1. Provided by OCM
  2. Funds for our conferences, i.e., NACURH and CAACURH
  3. Total of six rounds of care packages
  4. Have the recipients initial when they receive their care packages.
    1. You cannot give the care package to the recipient’s roommate and/or suitemates.
  5. If there are errors in the contact info, make corrections on the slips and send them to Priya @ rurhafinance@gmail.com.
  6. Delegate to your hall government and work as a team to deliver the care packages.
    1. Best method: Send out a mass message to contact the recipients beforehand.
  7. Incentive: Care Package Cash Contest
    1. Money will be deposited into hall government account
    2. Two categories: $75 for large hall governments (>10 care packages) and $50 for small hall governments (<10 care packages)
      1. Send slips in within 2 weeks of OCM delivery date
      2. Hall governments that have completed their delivery will be placed in a raffle during GA.
  8. If you have trouble getting in touch with the recipient, reach out to your hall advisor for assistance.
  1. Position Updates (15 minutes)
    1. President
      1. NO MORE: “Not in our homes, not in our halls” Facebook post (now on our home page: http://rha.rutgers.edu/ )
    2. Vice President
      1. Contact Sheets
  1. Please send them in by tonight via rurhavicepresident@gmail.com.
  2. Not necessary to add hall director contact info.
      1. Hall Constitutions
  1. Please send them in ASAP via rurhavicepresident@gmail.com.
  2. Hall government members and hall advisors should be present at the meeting and have the secretary complete and send the constitution template.
      1. Swipe Access Info
  1. Make sure your hall government Vice Presidents and Advocacy Liaisons also fill out the form.
  2. The form can be found on the Slack channel.
    1. Director of Finance
  1. Please deliver care packages.
  2. Questions about budgets and SABO.
    1. Hall advisors will provide a pink card for the President and Treasurers to sign.
    1. Director of Advocacy
      1. “Take back the Tap”-Busch
  1. Water bottle filler stations at Busch.
  2. Hall government Presidents and Advocacy Liaisons will be receiving emails.
      1. Campus Safety WalksNovember 2nd 7-9PM-Sign up!
      2. “Turn the Campus Purple”
  1. VPVA’s big purple day is this Thursday, October 20th.
  2. Chalk the Block Mural Event – Wednesday, October 19th.
  3. If you are painting your hall windows etc., make sure your hall director runs it by maintenance first so they understand that you are painting for a reason and not vandalism.
      1. Washer and Dryer Survey/Proposal
      2. Dining Committee Meeting Nov 4th @ 1 pm Brower Commons Room D
  1. Looking for a representative from each hall government to attend.
    1. Director of Technology
  1. No updates
    1. Director of Leadership Development
      1. RHA Unite Form
      2. Spring LDD
    2. Director of University Relations
      1. Break the Silence: An Open Discussion About Sexual Violence 7:45- Tomorrow 9:30 PM Douglass Student Center- Trayes Hall
      2. NRHH has partnered with It’s On Us, a campaign to end sexual violence.
      3. This week is Sexapalooza, a week to promote safe sex and healthy relationships
      4. RUSA- Dr. Barchi meeting
  1. November 3rd @ 7:15 pm SAC on College Ave
  2. Open to the public
    1. National Communications Coordinator
  1. CAACURH is coming up.
    1. Associate Director of Busch
  1. BRC and BEST RHA Presents: Halloween Spooktacular Festival
  1. Sunday, October 23rd from 6-10pm
  2. BAMM Alleyway
  3. Reverse trick-or-treating, pumpkin decorating, Netflix and Thrill
    1. Associate Director of College Avenue
      1. October 20th Rocky Horror Picture Show @ The Yard
  1. 7pm-10pm
      1. October 27th Condom&Candy goodie bags @ Brower Steps
  1. 12pm-3pm
  2. VPVA will be tabling.
    1. Director of Cook/Douglass
  1. Terror Maze
  1. October 26th
  2. Volunteer Sign-up form will be on Slack
  1. Monster Mash
    1. October 28th from 6pm-9pm
    2. Registration form will be on Slack
    3. Individual hall governments can sign up to table.
    1. Director of Livingston
  1. Trail of Terror
  1. October 25th from 7-10pm
  2. If you are free, please come and volunteer.
    1. Advisor
      1. Jason, Director of Livingston, will be overseeing GA meetings.
      2. Monster Mash – a great team-bonding experience with your hall government
      3. NRHH – please submit OTMs and help recognize individuals
  1. Member of the Week & Shout Outs
  1. Please fill out the form for next week’s #memberoftheweek
    1. You can nominate E-board, GA or hall government members
  1. Any other relevant points of discussion/topics
  2. Committee Presentations (15 minutes)
    1. E-Board members present
    2. GA Splits Appropriately
  3. Committees (45 minutes)

September 26, 2016

General Assembly Agenda

  1. Ernie Jones was thankful for Eggs and Jam (10 minutes)
  2. Care Packages (15 minutes)
    1. We do Care Packages from (On Campus Market)
    2. There Are 6 Deliveries a year
    3. Next Delivery Date: October 10, 2016
    4. Priya’s Email: rurhafinance@gmail.com
    5. Newly elected presidents will be responsible for delivering the NEXT round of care packages (which is the October delivery date)
  3. NACURH Bid (7 minutes)
    1. Passes unanimously with one abstention
  4. Leadership Development Day (20 minutes)
    1. First Leadership Development Day: October 2, 2016 8:00am-3:00pm
    2. Halls must create a digital banner and chant to present at Leadership Development Day
      1. Chant is something that is related to your hall that shows school and hall spirit
      2. Banner is something that is unique to your hall but also establishes the theme of the day and something related to Rutgers
      3. Specifics will be sent out later on
    3. Parker will be sending out RSVP forms later on; make sure they are completed by Thursday Night (9/29/16)
    4. Theme: Colors of Leadership
      1. Please dress in the colors related to the day but the dress code is still Business casual/dress to impress
    5. Welcome Speaker: Dan Morrison
    6. Keynote: Elizabeth O’Connell Gagnes
  5. CAACURH (15 minutes)
    1. Temple University
      1. Dates: November 4th-6th, 2016
    2. Application closes October 3, 2016; interviews to follow that week
  6. 360 Expectations (20 minutes)
    1. General Assembly Expectations
      1. Do not afraid to speak up and voice your opinion
      2. Take initiative
      3. High spirits
      4. Working hard
      5. Do not be on electronics
      6. Efficiency
    2. Eboard Expectations
      1. Be open and transparent
      2. Professional
      3. Approachability and friendliness
      4. Realistic Expectations
      5. Don’t be on electronics
      6. Stay on track and on time
    3. Advisor Expectations
      1. Be reliable and easy to communicate with
      2. Responsiveness
      3. Communication
      4. Being knowledgeable and accountable for their actions
  7. Position Updates (15 minutes)
    1. President
      1. Philanthropy: Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence in the Residence Halls, working with NO MORE + VPVA
      2. Working w/ Jena and Parker
    2. Vice President
      1. Please fill out the contact form
      2. Get contact info by LDD for your hall if not by next General Assembly
        1. Preferably in an excel sheet
        2. Include First and Last Name, RUID, which hall they rep, their position within the hall, their best contact email and the best number to contact them at
    3. Director of Finance
      1. Pre-Elects please get slips in
    4. Director of Advocacy
      1. VPVA-National Domestic Violence Awareness Month awareness campaign “Turn the Campus Purple”- October 17th-21st.
    5. Director of Technology
      1. Hall Presidents will be getting all and Presidential emails
      2. rha.rutgers.edu
    6. Director of Leadership Development
      1. Party Like a Knight
        1. 10:00pm-12:00am
        2. It’s gonna be lit, a lot of awesome activities
    7. Director of University Relations
      1. RUPA- Scarlet Day Service
        1. This Saturday, Oct 1st
      2. New Lanyards are in!
      3. Follow us on Social Media @RutgersRHA
    8. National Communications Coordinator
      1. Everyone’s hall should have 7 positions it is your job to fill those positions
    9. Associate Director of Busch
      1. Had first event: Bubble tea
        1. Big success
        2. Sent out form to gain feedback
        3. First meetings for VPs
          1. 8:15-10:30 pm this Wednesday, 9/28/16
    10. Associate Director of College Avenue
      1. Meeting first Wednesday after LDD
      2. Table at The Yard or Brower steps
        1. Oct. 27th
    11. Associate Director of Cook/Douglass
      1. No Updates
    12. Associate Director of Livingston
      1. Trail of Terror during last week of October
      2. 5th anniversary
  8. Member of the Week (3 minutes)
    1. Member of the week for 9/26/16: Sneha Gupta
    2. Congrats Sneha!!!
  1. Leadership Development Day Planning(15 minutes)

Busch Campus Residence Council

College Ave Residence Council

Douglass/Cook Campus Residence Council

Livingston Campus Residence Council